About Kwik CMS

Kwik CMS is a content management system that allows the end user to add content to their own website using an admin area of the site. Changes can be made at anytime and from anywhere as the admin facility is online and no special software is required, so you can use multiple PCs without loss of functionality.

This site has been created using the system, to help demonstrate the available functionality and design of the system. I will also try and set up demo systems that are built for a specific market.

What is a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) is a dynamic built website that stores it's data, normally as in this case, in a database and allows non technical staff to update the site. Compared to a static site where the content is hard coded into the site your content can be updated at any point and you do not have to wait for a web developer to make your changes.

Functionality of the system

We are continually adding new bits of functionality to the system and an overview is given in the following areas of the site. If there is some functionality that you require that isn't currently provided please contact us to discuss them as we are always looking for more functionality to add to the site