SEO Functionality of the system

SEO (search engine optimisation) is very important for a modern website. After all, what is the point of having a website if no one knows where it is. The system has several useful functions in built to help with the optimisation.

Meta Keywords and Description

Meta keywords and description are used to help search engines like Google and Ask to rank your website and make them more accessible to users. The system allows you to enter default keywords and description that will be used in a page but you can also enter keywords and a description for a specific page if you so require.

Google Sitemap

A Google sitemap is automatically generated by the system which details all front end webpages and their links. This can be submitted to Google to allow the search engine to index all of your site easily.

Friendly URLs

For each new page that you add to the system you can specify a friendly URL for that page. This allows you to define links that actually relate to the content of the page, doing this means that Google will increase your ranking.

HTTP Redirects

Moving sites can mean losing valuable links to your site. The system provides the functionality for HTTP redirects. This allows you to enter the original URL and the new URL that you would like the user to be forwarded onto thus ensuring there are no broken links. The system will automatically generate a redirect record when a page has it's Friendly URL changed

Landing Pages

You can easily add pages to the system that do not appear in the navigation. This allows you to add specific landing pages that can be tailored towards certain Google Adword campaigns allowing you to be certain of attracting the right people to your site.

Google Analytics

The system has in built support for Google Analytics, simply supply us with your code (freely available from Google), we will add it to your site configuration and you will then be able to track the visits through your site.