Latest Website News

Welcome to our news area. We will try to keep you informed of all the latest developments on the system, with regards to new functionality that becomes available and also new clients using the system for their own website.

New Client - Harvey's Plumbing


We would like to welcome onboard Harvey's plumbing. Based in York they are a local plumber with a great reputation. We hope they are with us for a long time.

Flash Banner Image Fader


The system now incorporates a flash banner image fader that can be selected instead of the banner headers in the website. The flash banner can consist of multiple images, each with their own link. These will fade through in turn creating a more media friendly experience for your customer and delivering multiple messages in a confined area of the website.

Specific banners per web page


Moving on from the first initial view of the system where you could select one banner for the whole site from a variety of banners, including any that you had uploaded yourself, it is now possible to choose specific banners for every front end page on your site.

If there is no banner chosen for the page then the default banner selected for the website will be shown instead.

Portfolio list and detail functionality


It is now possible to add portfolio pages to your website. This will allow you to easily add in details and images of items that you wish to highlight to your customers. Whether it is finished builds of work or websites that you have created.

The simple to use admin functionality allows you to enter simple data and upload images which are then shown by the template in a nicely formatted way to your customer.

Basic Car Stock Detail functionality


We have added the functionality to incorporate car stock details within the website. This will allow you to dynamically add car details to list areas that will be displayed in a nice, clean and simply format to the viewer.

They can then view more detailed information on the car, including multiple photos, there is also the functionality to then take them to an enquiry form to submit a request for further information.