Other Services We Offer

As well as providing a system that allows you to enter and create content to maintain your own website, we also offer other services as well.

We realise that not all people are that confident when it comes to maintaining their site, it's not always that easy to create the right imagery or add in the content you want to show your visitors. Also once your site is live you need to attract visitors to it to get the full benefit.

We are here to help you. 

We can help maintain your site by helping with the following

  • Content inputting
  • Image creation/sourcing
  • SEO optimisation
  • Adwords account admibnistration
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc)  linking and advertising
All of this is available for a £20 per hour fee

Bespoke Development

Whilst the system should meet most requirements for a company's web presence you may require something a bit more bespoke.

Do you need a different look and feel to the system?
Do you need different functionality?

We offer bespoke development services at reasonable prices, please contact us with your requirements so we can provide an initial cost.