Band Functionality

The system itseof actually started out as a bespoke website for a local brass band and whilst we will endeavour to extend the functionality into other areas as well as adding in more general functionality the system obviously includes a few areas that were developed for the band market.

Players Area

The system will allow you to add in details of the band members, including the creation of the sections of the band, and will display the information on the website. Players are a special type of user/member so will be able to log in to the secure area of the website.

Testimonials Section

A testimonial area allows you to easily enter testimonials on to the system using a predefined form. This is a quick and easy solution to adding all your testimonials on without the worry or hassle of needing HTML knowledge.

Events Area

An events area was created so the band could advertise upcoming concerts, including details of the venue, a link to a Google map and also booking contact details if known. The area is set up so that any events in the past are not shown.

Rehearsal Panel

The side bar has an optional panel for showing rehearsal times and also allows dynamic descriptive text for adding venue details.

Booking Contact Panel

The contact us page has an optional booking contact panel with updateable detail on who a member of the public should contact, with contact details, to book the band.