General Functionality

The general functionality of the site will be usable by most of our users and will be added to as the system grows in maturity. The following is a brief summary of the functionality currently offered.

Separate Areas

There are three separate areas of the system. A public facing area, a member area and an administration area. The public facing area is an unsecured area that is accessible by the general public. The members area is accessible by registered users who login to the system and the administration area is restricted to those members who have been marked as system administrators.

Page administration

The design of the system allows you to add as many pages as you like to any of the areas described above. There are different types of page that you can add to the site which are described briefly below.

Simple/Paragraphed Page

These are text content pages. The simple option allows you to enter one block of text into a content page whilst the paragraphed option allows you to add content that is broken down into paragraphs. The content is edited using an HTML editor control which allow you to add your own formatting, hyperlinks and images. This is the main functionality for adding in general content to the website.

Specific content pages

Whilst you can add any content to the system using the page admin above the system also allows you to add specific content pages in a preformatted template. This allows you to add good looking content by simple data entry rather than having to create the required html yourself.

You can currently add the following content

  1. News Pages
  2. Portfolio Lists
  3. Testimonial Page
  4. Car Stock Details
  5. Picture Galleries
  6. Web Link Pages
  7. Contact us page
  8. Map page

System messaging system

The site also comes with an optional messaging system that can be set up with public groups for members to send message to. If the recipient has an email address logged then the message is sent by email as well as being stored on the system for them to review when they next log in.

Consistant Side Panel

The side panel of the site has dynamic areas that can be changed using the admin system. A rotating image panel allows you to add some consistant pictures throughout your site and a content area allows you to add your own textual content as well. Also included are the css and xhtml validation images as well as the "Powered by Kwik CMS" logo, which can be removed for a small fee.

Changeable Banner inc Flash fader

The banner that sits at the top of the page is a very visible part of the site and as such is important that you can get multiple messages across to your visitors. You can set up banners that incorporate multiple images that fade between them, the images can also link off to different areas of your site. It is also possible to select static images for the banner as well, you can select one banner that will be the default for the whole system and then overide that on a page by page basis and select a more relevant banner for the specific page.

Multiple Themes

It is also possible to change the theme of the site by selecting from a variety of available themes. The setup fee also includes creating a theme based on your own organisations branding.

Sub Pages

It is also possible to add sub pages to a page item. This allows you to add a group of pages to a main page and continue your content on. The menu will change to show the sub pages once the main page has been opened.